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Garage Door Prices

There are many variables when it comes to garage door prices. They can be as little as 500 rands all the way up into the thousands. Here are a few things that determine the prices when it comes to garage doors.

garage door prices

The first thing that determines price is the type of door purchase. Fiberglass is going to be the cheapest overall, but there are some things that you need to consider when buying doors made from this material. While they are lightweight and resistant to dents, they are not as durable as other more expensive materials, which means that you will have to replace them more often. They also tend not to hold up that well in extreme temperature changes, or when exposed to bright sunlight for extended periods of time.


Aluminum garage door prices are a little higher, but there are some advantages. These too are lightweight, and they stand up well in higher temperatures. They can be dented easier, which is a consideration. Steel is higher in price, but far more durable than any other material, including wood. Steel doors are easy to take care of, are very resistant to dents and dings, but the drawback is that they are heavy, sometimes even heavier than wood. Wood is a good durable door, but is costly, especially in South Africa. There are other problems with wood doors, they are much more maintenance involved. At least once a year you have to refinish the door, in order to keep the appearance and the wood itself in good working order. Wood is also susceptible to the elements.


The next factor when it comes to garage door prices is whether they are double sided, and how high the insulation rating is. Double sided means basically that there are two layers of door thickness, mostly related to metal and fiberglass doors. While you may think you don't need insulation for your garage door, living in a temperate climate like South Africa, but keeping the heat out of your garage is just as important as keeping the cold air out, as in colder climates. The higher the insulation rating, the more expensive your garage door is going to be.


Other factors to take into consideration when looking at garage door prices is how fancy the style is, whether it is a simple door or one with multiple sections, windows, what kind of wood the door is make out of, whether the door is regular or stainless steel, and if there are any coatings and extra protection. The warranty is also a good indication of the price. Cheaper garage doors will have a short warranty, less than five years, while more expensive, higher quality doors can have warranties as long as twenty. While you may have a limited budget, it is still a good idea to get garage doors in the high end of your price range, because they will last longer and not have to be replaced as often.


Going online and comparing different websites can help you determine the lowest garage door prices. Look for special offers on shipping, or installation, or even free accessories like including the openers and remote controls, which can all save you substantial money.


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